The Heiau Institute of Huna Studies offers to anyone wishing to learn more about Huna – the religious tradition of Kahuna Max Freedom Long and the other Huna Kupuna.

Our Mission

  • To preserve, expand and disseminate Huna lore and knowledge.
  • To provide professional levels of Huna training.
  • To continue the empirical, research-orientation of Huna as instituted by Max Freedom Long.
  • To preserve our direct genealogical lineage through the development of a succession of kahunas from each of the Masters of our Lores.

About Us

Founded 1984 the Heiau Institute of Huna Studies together offers courses in the Huna Arts and Sciences. These courses are offered to anyone interested in Huna and its Lores.

Courses have been scheduled throughout the United States and in Europe, and are held in weekend, evening, week-long intensive, and correspondence/on-line formats.

Classes are taught by the Kahunas of the Huna Heiau and assisted by class graduates.

The Associate of Huna Theological Arts and Sciences Degree is awarded upon successful completion of courses in all four departments and takes about three years. A residential program is also available.

The Institute has its administrative offices and classroom facilities in Concord, CA.
Dr. Donna Keonaona Forman, the Dean of Studies, is a Kahuna of the Huna Heiau.

Current Courses

The following courses are available for 2007:

Huna Conformation (Initiation)

Become the kind of person whose prayers get answered

See overview

Huna Prayer Courses


Making Effective Prayers

Prerequisite: Huna Conformation and Membership in the Huna Heiau

Huna Heiau Prayers and Kapus

Prerequisite: Making Effective Prayers


See overview

Huna Lore of the Kalo (Tarot)

Mental Acuity and the Kalo Cards

Prerequisite: None

Kalo Reverie Meditations

Prerequisite: Mental Acuity and the Kalo Cards

Kumu Level Kalo Training (Tutorial)

Prerequisite: Kalo Reverie Meditations


See overview

Huna Lore of Firewalking (i Ke Umu Ki)


Firewalk Initiation

Prerequisite: None


Advanced Firewalking

Prerequisite: Firewalk Initiation


Firewalk Priest training

Prerequisite: Conformation, both Huna Prayer Courses, Advanced Firewalking, Mental Acuity and the Kalo Cards, one year membership in Huna Heiau, and Malama vows.


See overview



Please contact  if you are interested in any of the above courses. Most of these courses are available online and are supplemented with email and telephone support.

Contact Us


415-927-HUNA (4862)


Postal address

Huna Institute

P.O. Box 21253

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